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Going Green

Aronson Estates Development Corp has been very aggressive in recently pursuing “green” concepts.  For their many years of successful business, the companies of Aronson Estates Development Corp have always been widely recognized and now moving forward to incorporate “green” in Architecture, Construction and Interior Design.

Building Green or sustainable design is to use resources efficiently while creating healthier buildings and being environmentally cautious for our plant.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is an internationally recognized Green Building Rating System.  This is accomplished by how much your building is “Green friendly”, by providing energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, improved environmental quality and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their impacts in all projects.

National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is moving the practice of green building into the mainstream.  Energy efficiency, water and resource conservation, sustainable or recycled products, and indoor air quality are increasingly incorporated into the everyday process of home building.

All Aronson Estates Development Corp. plans reflect efficiency and utilize the utmost of all available space as well as the use of all highly-recommended materials to effectively and efficiently result in a green structure that everyone can be proud to call “home”.

A green building may have a greater “up front” cost, but you will ultimately realize much cost-savings with a home designed by Aronson Estates Development Corp.  Cost savings are fully and ultimately realized when incorporated in the conceptual design phase of the project by our team of professionals. The integrated systems approach ensures the building is designed as one system rather than a collection of stand-alone systems.  Specific measures for green architecture include, but are not limited to building shape and orientation, passive solar design, and the use of natural lighting.

There are many ways Aronson Estates saves our clients.  We can provide our clients with the following in designs:

  • Tankless Hot Water Heater
  • Mechanical Systems Upgrades
  • Site Orientation and Landscape Materials
  • Building Materials
  • Electrical Fixtures
  • Dual-Flush Plumbing Fixtures
  • Natural Gas (Main Appliances)

In all Aronson’s green architectural designs, provided are adequate ventilation and high-efficiency, in-duct filtration systems, heating and cooling systems; all which ensure adequate ventilation and proper filtration.  These factors are of primary importance to ensure a dramatic and positive impact on indoor air quality results.

Architectural Services

Aronson Estates Development Corp. uses sustainable designs to build "green" and the opportunity to use resources efficiently and effectively to ultimately create healthier homes.  These designs provide cost savings through improved human health and productivity, lower cost home operations, and resource efficiency.  With these concepts in building green, Aronson Estates can move us closer to a sustainable future.

Aronson Estates Development Corp. is a proponent and advocate of utilizing excellent quality recycled materials whenever possible, as well as paving materials and mulches that can close the recycling loop. 

Installation of high-efficiency lighting systems with advanced lighting controls and including motion sensors tied to dimmable lighting controls will create a green residence. Task lighting reduces general overhead light levels.

Many ideas proving successful are used by Aronson Estates to build green homes.  They use a properly-sized and energy-efficient heat/cooling system in conjunction with a thermally efficient building shell.  Light colors are maximized for roofing and wall finish materials.  They find installing wall and ceiling insulation, the use of minimal glass on east and west exposures and also minimizing electric loads from lighting, equipment and appliances paves the way for ultimately building a green home.

Building a “Materials Efficient” and green home can be done by selecting sustainable construction materials and products.  Aronson Estates takes great pains to evaluate important characteristics such as reused and recycled material zero or low off-gassing of harmful air emissions and zero or low toxicity, sustainable harvested materials. Aronson Estates Development Corp. is a team of intellectual builders with many successful years of experience in the industry who plan the creation of homes by reducing the amount of building materials required and save you money in the construction phase.

Aronson Estates uses all means and measures available to reuse and recycle construction and demolition materials.

Green architecture focuses on the prevention of indoor microbial contamination through selection of materials resistant to microbial growth, provide effective drainage from the roof and surrounding landscape, install adequate ventilation in bathrooms, allow proper drainage of air-conditioning coils, and design other building systems to control humidity.

A means to insure success for a “green” home includes developing a project schedule that allows for systems testing and commissioning throughout the entire project.

Green building materials offer specific benefits to the building owner and building occupants including reduced maintenance and overall replacement costs over the life of the building and will ultimately lower costs associated with changing space configurations and provides greater design flexibility.  Sustainable designs and building "green" utilizes resources most efficiently, creating healthier buildings.

**A word about Green Remodeling. For many years, Aronson Estates has been ahead of its time by using techniques and products that are now considered "green". They were among the first local construction professionals to consider using MDF (medium density fiberboard) instead of lumber for paint-grade custom trim and cabinet work.  Aronson Estates also recycles windows and doors, salvages and recycles wood trim, uses water-based adhesives/finishes at project sites, and returns wood pallets to suppliers instead of tossing them into the dumpster; trying to improve upon "green" performance with every project.

Water efficiency is widely used in the construction of an “Aronson Estates” home - to result in high-quality “green” homes.  They minimize wastewater by using ultra low-flush toilets, low-flow shower heads, and other water conserving fixtures and using re-circulating systems for centralized hot water distribution.  Aronson Estates also installs point-of-use hot water heating systems for more distant locations.  They pay close attention to metering landscape separately.

Construction Services

When considering a professional Interior Designer for your home whether it is for new construction, an addition or a renovation, serious consideration should be given to setting aside a small portion of your budget to cover differential costs associated with less tangible green benefits or to cover the cost of researching and analyzing other green options.  Even with a small budget, many green measures can be incorporated with minimal or zero increased up-front costs and will yield enormous savings.

Green interior materials are composed of renewable, rather than nonrenewable resources. Green materials are environmentally responsible because impacts are considered over the life of the product.

An assessment of green materials may involve an evaluation of one or more criteria:

  • Recycled Products which include postindustrial content
  • Natural, plentiful or renewable products
  • Products manufactured with resource-efficient processes
  • Materials from disposal and renovating, repairing, restoring
  • Materials and products easily dismantled and reused or recycled at the end of their useful life.
  • Materials which are long-lasting and possess long life expectancies

Interior Design Services

Aronson Home Plans is a proven successful subsidiary of Aronson Estates Development corp., and the company sold an enormous number of custom designed plans nationally and internationally and now is looking into becoming a “greener” Home Plans Company. 

The plans incorporate a vast array of impeccable designs for every taste and home functions, from basic to the category of “estates”.  Every plan incorporates a “green” concept in design that will result in a home built to withstand time and all types of weather conditions experienced throughout the world.

The homes built from Aronson Estates Home Plans are referred to as “sustainable structures” being designed to be built in an ecological and resource-efficient manner.

Aronson Estates Home Plans are designed to meet all strict objectives including, but not limited to protecting occupant health, using energy most efficiently, water and all resources most efficiently as well as reducing the overall impact to the environment.

A well-designed, attractive kitchen gives a home life. All that liveliness, though, is probably the single biggest energy drain in your home.

Lighting, refrigeration and cooking are responsible for 41.5 percent of a home's energy consumption, according to U.S. Department of Energy estimates. Add to that regular kitchen activities like water heating, plus space heating and cooling, and you begin to get the picture of how critical the kitchen really is.

When remodeling, the kitchen presents a big opportunity to improve the home's energy performance. Broadening the scope of your project to include energy efficiency, ecological benefits, accessibility and health considerations will provide long-term cost savings, comfort, peace of mind and safety.